christopher cerrone – the arching path [video]
peter garland – walk in beauty [video (50:20)]
morton feldman – palais de mari [audio]

gillian perry – velveteen rabbit [album]
gillian perry – daze of isolation [video]
daniel lemer – piece for richard [video]
jesse reyes – my lungs are thick with the smoke of your absence [video]
wells leng – critical fracture [video]


wells leng – matryoshka [video]


luciano berio – linea
tristan perich – qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq [video]
wells leng – recollections of a discarded cello concerto in a sort of
sonata form [video]
cassie wieland – ember [video]
wells leng – delicately/roughly [video]
erich barganier – down in the ground where the dead men go [video]
andrew mcintosh – fox [video]
stephen hartke – gradus [audio]
gillian perry – weightless [video]
mark gurrola – two famous lobster dishes [video]
joey bohigian – jump cut [video]
george crumb – music for a summer evening (makrokosmos III)
mvts. 3,4 [video, video]
eve beglarian – mistake [video]
øyvind torvund – untitled school [audio]
natacha diels – panik [audio]
eli greenhoe – HELD [video]
bryan wysocki – What/Is/What/Was [video]
joan tower – noon dance [audio]
barbara white – learning to see [audio]
zhou long – dhyana
aaron copland – violin sonata
paul hindemith – violin sonata
jurg frey – architektur der empfindungen
gyorgy ligeti – funf stucke [audio]
julius eastman – evil n*****
wells leng – matryoshka 4
arvo pärt – fratres (ver. for violin + piano)
toru takemitsu – between tides
eric wubbels – shiverer
sara sithi-amnuai – beginning time, end time

large ensemble

gillian perry – lost children (+ percussion) [album]
steve reich – music for 18 musicians [video]
nicholas deyoe – lullaby 6b


john harbison – mirabai songs [video (27:53)]
ludwig van beethoven – an die ferne geliebte
gerald finzi – five shakespeare songs
xavier montsalvatge – cancion de cuna para dormir a un negrito
xavier montsalvatge – canto negro
gabriel faure – requiem


steve reich – four organs [video]
wells leng – kokyu2 [video]
tom johnson – eggs and baskets
michael webster – nice day for the races
helmut lachenmann – zwei gefühle
wells leng – feast for two