Repertoire is listed below by instrument or practice: piano, percussion, or mixed.

"Mixed" may encompass voice, various keyboards instruments such as harpsichord, organ and melodica, or music which requires a combination of practices, quite often piano and percussion.

beglarian, evemistake*four keyboardspiano 
berio, lucianolineatwo piano, two percussionpianoc.14:00
bohigian, joeyjump cut*two piano, two percussionpiano 
copland, aaronviolin sonataviolin and pianopiano 
crumb, georgemakrokosmos III: music for a summer evening - mvt 3two piano, two percussionpianoc.8:00
crumb, georgemakrokosmos III: music for a summer evening - mvt 4two piano, two percussionpianoc.5:00
deyoe, nicklullaby 6b*chamber ensemblepiano secondo 
diels, natachapaniktwo piano, two percussionpianoc. 11:00
faure, gabrielrequiemchoir and keyboard (piano)piano 
frey, jurgarchitektur der empfindungenpiano quartetpianoc. 15:00
gurrola, marktwo famous lobster dishes*piano, percussionpiano 
hartke, stephengradusb. cl, perc, pno, vl, vlc, dbpianoc.7:30
hindemith, paulviolin sonataviolin and pianopiano 
johnson, tomeggs and basketstwo instrumentspianoc. 6:00
lemer, danielpiece for richard*pianopianoc. 5:00
leng, wellsmatryoshka*solo pno + perc, orchestrapiano 
 burg*piano, viola, cellopiano 
 saxophone concertino*saxphone, piano four handspiano secondo 
 ji*mixed ensemblepiano 
 critical fracture*pianopianoc. 10:00
ligeti, gyorgyfunf stuckepiano four handspiano secondo 
mcintosh, andrewfoxtwo pno, two perc.piano 2c. 5:00
perry, gillianweightless*fl, vln, vcl, pno, percpiano 
 childen cannot sleep*vln, clar, pno, choirpiano 
 daze of isolation*pianopiano 
reich, stevemusic for 18 musiciansmixed large ensemblepiano 4b 
reyes, jessemy lungs are thick with the smoke of your absence*pianopianoc. 10:00
sithi-amnuai, sarabeginning time, end timesmall ensemblepiano 
takemitsu, toribetween tidespiano triopiano 
torvund, øyvinduntitled schooltwo piano, two percussionpiano secondoc. 26:00
tower, joannoon dancepierrot + percpianoc.17:00
white, barbaralearning to seepierrot + percpianoc.13:00
wubbels, ericshivererflute and pianopiano 
wysocki, bryanwhat/is/what/was*piano, two percussionpianoc. 8:00
vasquez-lopez, allánuntitledtwo pianospiano 1 
vasquez-lopez, allánJune 14two pianospiano 1 
zhou longdhyanapierrotpianoc.10:30
feldman, mortonthe viola in my life 2solo viola, pierrot + percpercussionc. 10:00
gloss, randytwoweekstimepercussion ensemblepercussion 
gloss, randymarinate and a halfpercussion ensemblepercussion 
hayward, seannewtsgamelan, taiko, guitartaikoc. 1:00:00
katz, talthoughtful meditationensemblepercussion 
kulenty, hannakisses and crossespiano and percussionpercussionc. 15:00
lemer, danielcascadeslarge ensemblepercussion 
nicolaides, alkishow many times can i hit rock bottomlarge ensembletimpani 
olson, tawnieas rain hollows stonepercussion triopercussion 
riley, terryin cany instrumentspercussionany length
schumann, robertsymphony no. 3orchestratimpanic. 7:00
vasquez-lopez, alláncontrolany ensemblevibraphone 
young, katiejust water, no lemonpercussion quartetpercussionc. 20:00
bach, j.s.brandenburg concerto no. 6string orchestrachallis harpsichord 
lang, davidcrowd out1000 voicesvoiceany length
leng, wellsmatryoshka 4*two piano, two percussionpiano, taiko 
 feast for two* / feast for three* / salt and pepper*mixed keyboardspiano, melodica, perc 
 scrapyard gagaku*percussion/voice triopercussion, melodica, voice 
 kokyu2*two melodicasmelodica 
perry, gillianlost children*chamber ensemblepiano, percussion 
reich, stevefour organsfour organsorgan 3 
webster, michaelnice day for the races*oratoriobreath keyboard, voice