stickytack is a new music duo based in Los Angeles. After collaborating for many years in different capacities, Richard An and Wells Leng decided to formally join up as a pair of composer-pianists who occasionally play other instruments. The duo strives to play a wide variety of music and represent a myriad of sounds, styles and techniques, aided by the two musicians’ vast and eclectic tastes in music. The group’s name comes from the widespread use of sticky tack in prepared piano and represents the explorative and experimental spirit of the duo.

quartet friends

quartet friends is comprised of Richard An, Wells Leng, Katie Eikam and Kevin Good, and came together to perform Luciano Berio's Linea. Since then, the group has rehearsed and performed music by the ensemble's members, Steve Reich, Andrew McIntosh, and continues to grow and explore new music.

Richard also makes music under various monikers.