RICHARD AN (b.1995) is a composer and performer, born and raised in Los Angeles. His interests as a percussionist lie in non-traditional performance practices, primarily in improvisation and world music.

As a "classical" percussionist, Richard has appeared with both the CalArts Percussion Ensemble and The Ensemble (the resident new music ensemble at CalArts), premiering and performing many ensemble pieces, including music by Tawnie Olson and Katie Young. He also appeared in many student recitals as a percussionist, performing in recitals for DMA candidates Sean Hayward and and Alkis Nicolaides. Richard has also performed chamber works by Morton Feldman and Hanna Kulenty, the latter comprising a semester-long project tackling the piano/percussion duo "Kisses and Crosses". Richard also performs quite frequently as a taiko drummer, has performed in the CalArts Advanced World Percussion Ensemble, and is an amateur tabla player.

Richard is also exploring improvising with percussion in his new music duo "stickytack," performing semi-improvised cell-based, text-based and graphic scores on various instruments, especially his shimedaiko, a bolt-tuned taiko drum (his is from Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten via KaDon).

In addition, Richard performs as a pianist and vocalist in concerts all over SoCal. He is also a recording engineer, copyist, accompanist, electronic musician and educator.

Richard has graduated from the California Institute of the Arts Herb Alpert School of Music (MFA Performer-Composer) and the University of Southern California (BM Composition). His primary composition teachers include Andrew McIntosh, Daniel Corral, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Veronika Krausas, Sean Friar, Frank Ticheli, and Andrew Norman.

start at 1:18:25 for small ensemble, 1:41:15 for large ensemble

feldman, mortonthe viola in my life 2solo viola, pierrot + percpercussionc. 10:00
gloss, randytwoweekstimepercussion ensemblepercussion 
gloss, randymarinate and a halfpercussion ensemblepercussion 
hayward, seannewtsgamelan, taiko, guitartaikoc. 1:00:00
katz, talthoughtful meditationensemblepercussion 
kulenty, hannakisses and crossespiano and percussionpercussionc. 15:00
lemer, danielcascadeslarge ensemblepercussion 
nicolaides, alkishow many times can i hit rock bottomlarge ensembletimpani 
olson, tawnieas rain hollows stonepercussion triopercussion 
riley, terryin cany instrumentspercussionany length
schumann, robertsymphony no. 3orchestratimpanic. 7:00
vasquez-lopez, all├íncontrolany ensemblevibraphone 
young, katiejust water, no lemonpercussion quartetpercussionc. 20:00
leng, wellsfeast for two* / feast for three* / salt and pepper*mixed keyboardspiano, melodica, perc 
 scrapyard gagaku*percussion/voice triopercussion, melodica, voice 
perry, gillianlost children*chamber ensemblepiano, percussion