A limited list of Richard's compositions are listed below. Scores available on request.

title of pieceinstrumentationdur.year
sonatrinasfor stickytack (cello and prepared piano), DesoDuo and quartet friendsc. 20:002019
serostickytack (keyboard and percussion)c. 8:002019
inhibitorstickytack (cello and percussion)c. 8:002019
miscommunicationpianoc. 4:002018
9!two piano, two percussionc. 7:002018
halo III: sugockediddletwo keyboardistsc. 4:002018
halo II: crystallinetwo piano, two percussionc 6:002018
halo Idouble bass and pianoc. 4:002018
nolfour performersc. 20:002018
companionpiano (prepared or unprepared)c. 4:002018
elegypianoc. 5:002018
exorcising fifths from my melodicapiano four hands and melodicac. 5:002018
groove permutertwo piano, two percussionc. 4:002017
sanctusorchestra and choirc. 3:002017
the VII machinelaptop ensemblec. 7:002017
Five Etudes for Pianopianoc. 11:302014/2017
AND THEN WHATorchestrac. 6:002016
clickworksfixed media4:232016
AUTOMATIONwind ensemblec. 5:002016
piano concertinoorchestrac. 3:002016
quartet for four bassoonsfour bassoonsc. 6:302015
a piece for four handspiano four handsc. 4:002015
garden snaketwo violins and a violac. 1:002015
green cleaveramplified cello, flute, electric guitar, pianoc. 6:002015
sink full of wateralto flute and harpc. 5:302014
Il Bianco e Dolce Cignotenor and orchestrac. 2:302014
SNOW: setting of "SNOW" by e.e. cummingssoprano and percussionc. 5:002014
a song sung by a bear: on "a poem written for a bear" by Tao Linsoprano and percussionc. 6:002014
MISTAKEpiano quartetc. 6:002013
Monitororchestrac. 3:152013
new/old orchestrac. 4:302012